St. Joseph’s


No longer appropriate for children, St. Joseph’s needed to reposition their trademark 81 milligram pill as Aspirin Heart Therapy People. Their target market, the baby boomers, indeed recognized the iconic orange pill — but as a child’s aspirin. Meanwhile, Bayer was hitting them with serious, often frightening messages about aspirin preventing heart attacks. Creative would have to find another way in.


Rather than go scare-for-scare with Bayer, it was time for a different kind of campaign that would connect with the emotional side of baby boomers — targeting their hearts both literally and symbolically.

Using a relevant song from the classic sitcom “Happy Days”, called “Pump Your Blood” and nostalgic, 50’s animation, the campaign both connected St. Joseph’s with the heart and with its place in the boomer population’s shared past.


“Pump” caused quite a ripple in pop culture, appearing everywhere in internet chat rooms and radio shows.

Of course, it had quite an impact on the business as well, as St. Joseph’s sales increased at four times the category growth. Sales grew 44.3%, consumption rose 54.5% and market share rose 3.9% points. St. Joseph set the all-time McNeil high for positive consumer contacts in response to an ad campaign.