With decades of experience in advertising. Mike DePirro and Lisa Garrone don’t just offer knowledge and a creative edge; they also have a proven track record of work that gets results.

In almost every category, from pizza to prescription drugs, from mascara to defense contractors, Mike and Lisa are known for problem-solving that goes beyond pen and paper. They’ve launched tough pharma brands like Zoloft and Zelnorm. Reinvented global giants like Tylenol and Sheraton. And brought emotional engagement to banks, retail chains, and specialty products. No matter what the challenge, Mike and Lisa have always driven creative that’s uniquely appropriate for the brand, not just different to be different. And brought to the table ideas so core and central, they could inform campaigns on multiple platforms and touch every stakeholder involved with a brand.

As a result, their work has repeatedly won not just virtually every creative award in the industry, but also driven great business results for the brands under their leadership, resulting in numerous Effie awards.